Bushbaby Activities

Children of all ages are welcome with their families when booking the Savanna Suite, however no children under the age of 8 years will be permitted at the main lodge.

Each day there are two game drives, early morning and late afternoon. These game drives are broken up with a drink and snack break. During the middle of the day, there are various activities for the children.

A children’s menu is available on request with all the foods that bushbabies enjoy, if your child has any special needs, please be sure to advise us in advance.

Each child receives a goodie bush bag with items to add to their safari experience. All items collected from the activities during your child’s stay will be put together in a scrapbook, showing all the items they learned about and have collected.

As the children enjoy different activities and are of varying ages, a daily programme will be put together according to their interests. The various activities included during your child’s stay are:

In the bush:

  • Spoor identification: Tracking of small animals with your tracker and guide: find our Small 5. This concentrates on teaching children the different spoor and droppings of animals as well as tracking techniques. Children can be taught how to follow animals and look for distinguishing signs.
  • Plant uses: Plant identification as well as the medicinal and practical uses of these plants. Children can collect different plants during their walk and discover what can be used as substitutes for toothbrushes, toilet paper etc.
  • Bird watching: Identify the different species of birds. The field guide will explain how to do this from various visual aspects, as well as from bird calls.
  • Butterfly and bug catching: Find the smaller creatures such as butterflies, lizards, etc.
  • Picnics in the bush: Enjoy a picnic lunch where you can investigate the nearby surroundings and collect goodies for your scrap book.
  • Village Tour: One of our trackers will take the family on a village tour, which includes seeing the nursery school, seeing the traditional homes and learning how they make their food. There are also traditional dancers. An additional option is a visit to the Lilydale Primary School.
  • Traditional hair braiding: Have your hair braided traditionally by one of the Tsonga ladies.
  • Arts and crafts: Spend some time with a local African crafter.
  • Kitchen activities: Make and bake in the kitchen.
  • Face painting: Have your face painted as an African animal.

Night activities (depending on the weather):

  • Star drives: Go on a night drive and learn about the stars.
  • Frogging: Catch and identify frogs. Find them in their transition stages from tadpole to mature frog.

Back at the lodge:

  • African story books and educational children’s books can be read in the library.
  • Children’s games in the library.
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